Haruka Shokita
Personal info
Japanese name: 諸喜田 遥
Birthday: May 20
Family: Kokoro Oroku (niece)
Location: Okinawa Prefecture
Debut: Shinohayu the Dawn of Age ch 26

Haruka Shokita is the aunt and caretaker of Kokoro Oroku. She is 25 years old.



According to Kokoro, Haruka gives her kicks and punches instead of an allowance but this may be due to Kokoro's attitude. She also seems to worry about money and her appearance.


End of Summer Arc

When Kokoro comes back from her walk, she tells her a girl named Shiratsuki called. During the call she gets embarrassed because Kokoro tells Shino Shiratsuki that her aunt can't decide on what to wear and that the cameras won't be on her anyway. After the call is over, Haruka says that it was a long call and that she should've waited for Shino to call her back.

She is later seen taking Kokoro to see Wakana Yonamine.

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