Evelyn 1
Personal info
Debut: Shinohayu, chapter 25

Evelyn is a professional mahjong player. Years before the start of the main story, Evelyn travels with other professionals Lotta Niemann and Nana Shiratsuki.


Evelyn has shoulder length hair and wears glasses. She has been seen in a women's casual suit.


According to Lotta, Evelyn is a worrywart.

Playing Style / Abilities



End of Summer Arc

After Lotta dismisses Nana, Evelyn asks if it was bad to give Nana free time but Lotta says her magic isn't that weak. She then asks what if she was found by someone she knew. Lotta tells her that it'd be interesting and that she is a worrywart. When Evelyn expresses pity towards Nana, Lotta tells her that it is Nana's fault for being distracted during a game

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