Eisui Girls' High School, located in Kagoshima Prefecture, is a national tournament rival of Kiyosumi High School in the Saki manga and its anime adaptation.


Eisui, considered to be the strongest team from the Kyushu region, is representing Kagoshima Prefecture for the third year in a row. Its members wear miko (shrine maiden) outfits and stay in solemn rooms during competitions. In the previous year's competition, Komki Jindai brought the team to the National finals and gained national acclaim as a first-year (and thus is the reason for Himematsu to lose their seed in the this year's tournament). For this year's competition, all the branch families have come together so that Komaki Jindai wouldn't have to carry the team by herself.


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Komaki Jindai is the leader of Eisui's mahjong club and also its strongest player.


Girls' team tournament


70th Inter High

Main article: 70th Inter High School Mahjong Championships


  • Finalist
  • 3rd place

Kagoshima Prefecture qualification

Main article: Kagoshima qualification for the 71st Inter High School Mahjong Championships


  • Champion

71st Inter High

Main article: 71st Inter High School Mahjong Championships


  • Second round


  • Of the four seeded schools in the 71st Interhigh, Eisui differentiates itself in a couple of ways:
    • Eisui does not represent a prefecture that has two representatives: both Shiraitodai and Rinkai are from Tokyo, while Senriyama's Osaka is split into North and South.
    • Eisui is the only seeded school who's ace is not a third year.
      • Shiraitodai's ace is Teru Miyanaga, Senriyama's ace is Toki Onjouji, and Rinkai's ace is Satoha Tsujigaito, while Eisui's ace is Jindai Komaki.
      • Thus, Eisui is the only seeded school whose ace did not guarantee their spot in the semifinal, as Jindai ended the quarterfinal with +700 points, while the other aces garnered first place for their teams.
    • Eisui is the only seeded school that did not have a prior history of dominating in the interhigh.
    • Eisui is the only seeded school to not make it into the semifinals.
      • Thus, it is the only seeded school to only play in one round during the team tournament.
  • After Eisui crushed Himematsu and took their spot in the 70th Interhigh, Himematsu comes back in the 71st to take Eisui's spot in the semifinals.
  • Despite all the members of the branch family coming together to help Komaki so she wouldn't have to carry the team by herself, Eisui went much farther in the previous year (being the finals), as opposed to finishing in the quarterfinals this year.

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