Personal info
Japanese name: -
Debut: Shinohayu the Dawn of Age ch 16

He is the editor in chief for the company that Kousuke Shiratsuki writes for.



He is a very cheery man and likes to drink alcohol at work. He seems to be very friendly with his subordinates and tries to help them as best he can.


Yue's Arc

He first appears in Tokyo to greet Kousuke in the office. He then offers him a drink and asks why he hasn't moved to Tokyo yet. When Nana Shiratsuki is brought up, he tells Kousuke to file a police report and a police search. He did however use his own connections to see what he could find and handed Kousuke a detailed report.

Children's National Tournament Arc

When Kousuke arrives, he immediately complains that Shino won't be staying and gets Kousuke to have a drink with him before working. The next morning Kousuke awakens in the office thanks to his phone. The editor tells him that he was following up with the detectives and what they had to say. He tells Kousuke that Niemann came to visit two years ago and there was a rumor going around that she lost in an informal match and that it might have been Nana. Kouskuke quickly dismisses this.

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