Demons 2

Hisa explaining to Nodoka about the occult.

Demons are high level monsters that have both supernatural luck and supernatural senses when playing mahjong. Their supernatural powers may combine to give them two or more special abilities.


Prefectural tournament arc

Demons 1

Fujita-pro talking about players "loved by the tiles".

According to Yasuko Fujita, every year over 10,000 high school students aim to appear in the national tournament. And one or two of them appear that defy all common sense. Two years ago, that was Teru Miyanaga. Last year, that was Komaki Jindai and Koromo Amae.[1] This year, another player "loved by tiles" has appeared, Saki Miyanaga, the younger sister of Teru Miyanaga.

List of Monster Players


Most of the national class monster


  1. Saki manga, volume 2, hand 7. Saki anime, episode 6.

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