Chiyoko Takahashi
Chiyo ex1
Personal info
Japanese name: 高橋 知代子
Birthday: December 13
Location: Tokyo Prefecture
School: Kitashiba Elementary School

unknown middle school

Grade: 1st year middle school (Shinohayu)
Debut: Shinohayu the Dawn of Age ch 22
Style: -
Main skill/ability: -

Chiyoko Takahashi is the winner of the Tokyo elementary tournament during her 6th year at Kitashiba Elementary School.


Chiyoko has long blonde hair with a headband and bluish-grey eyes. She wears a stylish top with spats.


Chiyoko is full of determination and is not a fan of putting others down.

Playing Style / Abilities

Chiyoko is also strong enough individually to make it out of the elementary Tokyo prefectural tournament, a prefecture that later splits into two prefectures for the intermiddle and interhigh tournaments due to the high player population; she also made it into the semifinals of the elementary school tournament. Chiyoko appears to be a fairly logical and straightforward player. She watches the other player's closely, noting how Kokoro had put down her tiles to call a pon (unfortunately for Chiyoko, this was a trap made by Kokoro).


Children's National Tournament Arc

In the third round of the tournament she plays against Shino Shiratsuki, Kokoro Oroku, and Naoko Tanba. She arrives late and calls everyone her supporting actors. Kokoro then insults Chiyoko and proposes that the losers have to perform dogeza. Chiyoko vehemently declines this saying that she has no interest in that kind of sadism and could not go all out. She then proposes that the losers have to buy the winners a juice not as a bet but as praise and congratulation. Everyone accepts. During the match, Chiyoko didn't fair too well having lost a lot to Naoko. Things didn't get better for her as Kokoro busted her in the fourth round.

After the match she is seen with Naoko and is surprised that Shino bought them a juice. Shino then says that she bought it as gratitude for playing with her. Chiyoko and Naoko accept. However neither liked the taste and says that dogeza would've been easier. Later while watching the fourth round with Naoko, Chiyoko wonders if Shino and Kokoro will win the tournament. Naoko then tells her that only one can win and asks why Chiyoko played the 6-man which led to their defeat. She tries to get Naoko to change the subject by saying they should just drink their latte but to no avail. She then tells Naoko that she is sorry that her choice got her involved.

Both of the girls are later seen watching the finals and noting that it's basically a battle between Uta Mihirogi and Kazumi Zenno. They then say that in the final rounds it's Shino's time to shine and root for her to win. After the match, they greet Shino and Chiyoko hands her a letter. She tells Shino that this was from a fan of hers.

Shimane Tournament Arc

She texts Shino that her team won the prefectural tournament.

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