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Chihiro Mukunoki
Chihiro 1
Personal info
Japanese name: 椋 千尋
Nickname: Chihi (ちひ)
Location: Goutsu, Shimane prefecture
School: Komosawa Middle School
Grade: 1st year
Debut: Shinohayu, Chapter 36

Chihiro Mukunoki is a first year student at Komosawa Middle School and the ace of their mahjong team.


She has long light brown hair with the sides tied with a ribbon and reddish eyes. She wears the Komosawa uniform.


Playing Style / Abilities


City Tournament Arc

Chihiro skips the tournament and is asked why by Tomoko Nagami. She then dodges the question by talking about her phone battery. She then jokingly asks if they lost without her today. Tomoko then proceeds to inform her of Yumachi's victory but Chihiro isn't too interested. However, she says that there are much stronger kids where she is from and wishes to show everyone this.

Individual Tournament Arc

While browsing through the records, she believes the east is weak.



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