Chiharu Sunaguchi
Personal info
Japanese name: 砂口 千春
Location: Shimane Prefecture
School: Manbara Middle School
Grade: 2nd year (Shinohayu)
Debut: Shinohayu, Chapter 31
Position: Sergeant

Chiharu Sunaguchi is a second year student of Manbara Middle School and member of their mahjong team.


Chiharu is 171 cm tall, has long sandy blonde fair hair tied in a ponytail and brown eyes.


She is confident in her abilities

Playing Style / Abilities

Chiharu is a fairly skilled player able to win a few hands against Hayari Mizuhara. However according to Hayari, she takes no risks.


City Tournament Arc

When Yue Hondou gets back from her match, she tells her that she did great and that she is going to increase the points lead. As Hayari Mizuhara enters the playing hall, Chiharu tells her that she can't win and it's already hopeless. During the match she is able to win a few hands but is defeated by Hayari

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