Chantana Matsumoto
Chan 1
Personal info
Japanese name: 松本 チャンタナ
Location: Masuda, Shimane prefecture
School: Hirefuri Middle School
Debut: Shinohayu, Chapter 47
Position: Sergeant

Chantana Matsumoto is a student at Hirefuri Middle School and member of their mahjong club.


Chantana has a darker skin tone or is tanned. She wears her middle long hair tied into a short ponytail that rests on her left shoulder.


Playing Style / Abilities


Shimane Tournament Arc

Chantana plays the sergeant match in the finals of the tournament against Kanna Ishitobi from Yumachi Middle School, Tomoko Nagami from Komosawa Middle School, and Rino Maniwa from Himebara Middle School. During the match, Kanna and Tomoko fight for the first place, and Chantana ends up last.

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