Ayumi Shinji
Ayumi Shinji
Personal info
Japanese name: 進士 あゆみ
Birthday: April 15
Location: Osaka
Grade: Fifth-year elementary school
Debut: Toki, Chapter 1 (named in Chapter 2)

Ayumi Shinji is a classmate of Ryuuka Shimizudani, Toki Onjouji as well as her friend Youko Nogami.


Ayumi has short blonde hair except for the front part of her hair which she wears in a braid fixed on the left side of her head. She has green eyes.


Playing Style / Abilities


Introduction Arc (Toki Manga)

The day after Ryuuka declines Youko's invitation, Ayumi confronts Toki about spending so much time with her. However she is stopped by Youko who tell her not to use violence. She is then in the background as Youko takes over the conversation. After Toki, Youko, and Ryuuka decide to have a mahjong match to settle who is friends with who, Ayumi joins the game and says that she at least knows the rules. She is later seen training with Ayumi in the mahjong club room.

Showdown Arc

Later everyone sits down for the game and the match begins. Throughout the match Youko was in control. It wasn't until Toki hit with a baiman did she take the lead. However, she encouraged Ryuuka to win and she ended up winning the match. Youko and Ayumi told her that playing mahjong was fun and the president even invited them to the club to play. Toki even tried calling Ayumi a cute name but she didn't like it.

After Youko convinces Toki to go see Ryuuka afterschool, she walks home with Ayumi. She tells Toki of the situation with Youko and Ryuuka. She then grabs Toki's butt and wishes her luck. The next day she sees that Toki and Ryuuka made up and joins with them. She then tells Youko that Toki is a weird girl and that Youko looked really cool playing mahjong.