Ayuko Yamamoto
Yamamoto m1
Personal info
Japanese name: 山本 亜搖子
Location: Shimane Prefecture
School: Yumachi Middle School
Grade: 3rd year middle school (Shinohayu)
Debut: Shinohayu the Dawn of Age ch 28

Ayuko Yamamoto is a third year student at Yumachi Middle School and a member of the mahjong club.


Ayuko Yamamoto is with 153cm relatively short, has short fair hair and is usually depicted with closed eyes. She wears the Yumachi Middle School uniform with a short skirt.


Playing Style / Abilities

Ayuko Yamamoto was eliminated early in the first round of the individual middle school prefecturals.


Entering Middle School Arc

Ayuko Yamamoto is present along with the other club members during the clubs recruitment speech. She is yet to arrive when Shino Shiratsuki and her friends show up for a club visit. She and Mirin Katsube finally show up and the girls begin to play a few rounds of mahjong. Ayuko is paired with Shino, Shizuku Nozu, and Hayari Mizuhara. She along with every senior is soundly beaten.

Suddenly the advisor Chisa Sakane appears and greets them. Shino asks her to play but Chisa says it's a waste of time and to not expect anything from her because she doesn't want to be their advisor. She then shoos them out of the club room. While Shizuku apologizes, Ayuko says that Chisa led them to the tournament last year but didn't do much coaching. After Shizuku yells at the new girls excitedly, Ayuko tells them that they'll have to get use to that. When Mirin declines Rio Takuwa's invitation to eat popcorn, Ayuko wonders if she is still on a diet.

City Tournament Arc

When it gets near the city tournament, Shizuku asks what she should do for the line up and Ayuko immediately tells her that she's fine with being a reserve player and doesn't really want to participate. Shizuku decides to let their play determine the line up and Ayuko ends up a reserve. She is later seen helping explain the rules to the first years.

At the tournament, she is shocked to see Kanna go bust.

While watching practice, Shino makes her tea. She then tells Shino that she was a first year and took everything easy. She loved watching their best player play and then she lost. Ayuko says that that is when she gave up on the tournaments but this years freshman are way different than her.

Shimane Tournament Arc

Before finalizing the lineups, Ayuko told Chisa that while studing, she noticed Rio win more often than not during the morning practice session. This conversation led Chisa to check in on it and decide Rio would play vanguard for the team.

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