Ayano Takakamo
Shizu mom
Personal info
Japanese name: 高鸭 绫乃
Birthday: December 29
Family: Shizuno Takakamo (daughter)
Debut: Saki Achiga-hen, Chapter 1
Voiced by: Ayumi Yonemaru

Ayano Takakamo is the mother of Shizuno Takakamo.


Ayano has long brown hair tied in the back and dark eyes.


Introduction Arc

She was shown during Shizuno's final year in middle school. Here she asks Shizuno if she would like to watch a mahjong title match featuring Sukoya Kokaji, who was responsible for knocking Achiga out of the inter-high tournament a few years back. She appears later to inform Kuro Matsumi and the others that Shizuno was off hiking in the mountains when they were looking for her.

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