Alexandra Windheim
Alexandra col1
Personal info
Japanese name: アレクサンドラ・ヴィンドハイム
Birthday: July 20
School: Rinkai Girls' High School
Debut: Saki, round 108
Position: Coach

Alexandra Windheim is the coach and scout for Rinkai Girls' High School.


Alexandra has shoulder-length white hair and dark blue eyes. She typically wears a dark pantsuit.


She is constantly scouting for new members for the team and has said that once she sets her sights on something, she can't hold back. As far as strategy goes, Alexandra is somewhat pragmatic, advising her team against going all out until the finals, regardless of whether they hope to impress others, make up for prior mistakes, or practice good sportsmanship.


Final Eight Arc

She first appears during the vanguard match wanting to recruit Yuuki Kataoka for the team but is reprimanded by the team. When Hao Huiyu says that she thought the coach only took overseas players, She told her that it was the school's policy, not hers. After the vanguard match, she discusses Yuuki's playing style change with the member of the team. Later she tells Hao that she told Choe Myeonghwa to keep up the defense and not to go out of her way to show out. Before the vice-captain match, Nelly Virsaladze reiterates her desire to go all out in the captain's match, and Megan Davin hopes to face a strong opponent to atone for running away the previous year, with Hao and Myeongha willing to allow Megan to do so, Alexandra remarks that they're "just incorrigible."

During the break in the vice-captain match, when Megan proposes using a different playstyle, Alexandra immediately vetoes the proposal, saying that it has only been three months since Megan came up with it, and that there is no need to go all out before the finals. Megan asks if they shouldn't go all out as a matter of good sportsmanship, but Alexandra says that those "pretty words" are for other schools, prompting Megan to reluctantly concede her point. When Megan breaks out a new play style in the later rounds of her match, Alexandra says that they only discovered it three months ago in the UK training camp. However she can only use it for six rounds over forty days. She then admits that Megan hasn't really told her much about her two play styles.

Near the end of the captains match, she confirms Choe's suspicions that Nelly will begin her attack. She then says that the sponsors might have taken all of it into account but she isn't pleased with the situation.


  • She's 34 years old (during the 71st Interhigh tournament)

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