Akari Tomokiyo
Akari mg1
Personal info
Japanese name: 友清 朱里
School: Shindouji Girls' High School
Grade: First-year high school
Debut: Saki Achiga-hen, chapter 10 (mentioned)
Saki, round 159
Position: sub

Akari Tomokiyo is a first-year student at Shindouji Girls' High School in Fukuoka Prefecture. She is the fifth strongest member of their mahjong club but her place in the Inter High team was given to Kirame Hanada because she has the ability to never go under zero points.


She has shoulder length orange hair, thick eyebrows, and red eyes. Akari wears the standard Shindouji uniform.


Akari has been shown briefly, and displays a certain bashfulness and respect for her upperclassman. When Kirame suggested that it should be Akari to play the vanguard position, she immediately rebuts saying that it was Kirame's place on the team, and that her high placement in the club is due to a small sample size (of a few months leading up to the prefectural preliminaries), which leads to a high bias.


National Championship Arc

At the meeting, Kirame chooses Akari for her replacement in the vanguard position. However, Akari vehemently objects to this and says that Kirame should be playing and not her. Kirame then mentions her better results but Akari says that they are bases on the last few months and that there must be a bias. When the coach and the manager agree with Akari, Kirmae apologizes. Akari tells her that there is nothing to feel bad about and that her and Himeko Tsuruta will lead the team next year so she has to show her how cool she can be.

She helps Kirame take Himeko to the nap room only to find the Senriyama girls occupying it. They then take her somewhere else for fear of them finding out Himeko and Mairu's shared power. While continuing to take care of Himeko, she watches in awe as Mairu guarantees a yakuman in the captains match.