Airi Ogusa
Airi O
Personal info
Japanese name: 小草 愛梨
Location: Shimane Prefecture
School: Dairoku Middle School
Grade: third-year middle school
Debut: Shinohayu the Dawn of Age Chapter 35

Airi Ogusa is a third-year student at Dairoku Middle School and member of their mahjong club.


Airi has dark shoulder length hair. She is 161 cm tall during her third year in middle school.


Playing Style / Abilities

While it was largely not shown, it can be seen that she is a very careful player. While waiting on a DaiSanGen tenpai, with an open Chun pung, she choose not to declare a kan on her hidden haku pung, in the hopes that someone would see the discarded haku and assume she wasn't going for a DaiSanGen, unfortunately this play didn't work for her, as Kyouka bailed, keeping the last hatsu she needed to win.

Also, besides Kyouka, she is the only player to not directly play into another player's hand.


City Tournament Arc

Airi is the captain of Dairoku Middle School's mahjong team and plays against Rio Yomura, Yuzuki Chiyonobu, and Kyouka Inamura. After they all sit down, Kyouka immediately begins dominating the game, with Rio attempting to play catch-up.

In the second to last hand of the Captain's match, Airi calls a chun tile, then discards the dora 2-sou, and the others are immediately weary of a DaiSanGen as neither haku nor hatsu are in the discards yet. After a single hatsu passes, the others aren't sure exactly where Airi is, but push forward. Airi draws the 4th haku turning her hidden pung into a hidden kan, but she chooses not to declare a kan, in an attempt to fool the others into thinking she's not going for a DaiSanGen (since the first hatsu passed and she discarded the live haku). Unfortunately for her, this play doesn't work, and the hand goes to an exhaustive draw.

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