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Achiga Girls' Academy

Achiga Girls' Academy

Achiga Girls' Academy, located in Nara Prefecture, is the focus school in the spin-off manga Saki Achiga-hen episode of side-A and its anime adaptation. It is an integrated secondary school, enrolling both middle and high school students. The academy is located in a rural area that is accessible by aerial tramway.


Achiga is known as one of only a few schools to have defeated Nara's perennial mahjong powerhouse Bansei High School. Led by then-first-year-student Harue Akado, Achiga became the Nara Prefecture champion and reached the semi-finals of the 61st Inter High School Mahjong Championships before losing to the eventual national champion. The feat was not repeated the following year, and the competitive team was dissolved shortly thereafter.

The club continued to exist unofficially over the next six years. As a college student, Harue returned to teach mahjong to elementary and middle school students in the club room. It was officially disbanded after she departed to join a corporation team that participated in a professional league.

Kuro Matsumi maintained the club room for two years while hoping for the other girls to return. After Shizuno Takakamo saw Nodoka Haramura win the middle school national championship, she restarts the club along with Kuro and Ako Atarashi. All three were previously members as elementary and middle school students prior to the club's disbandment. The three also recruit Kuro's older sister Yuu Matsumi and Kuro's classmate Arata Sagimori. Coincidentally, Harue Akado returns from Fukuoka after her company disbanded its mahjong team, allowing her to coach the new team. The competitive team becomes official when Ako rejoins the academy.


Achiga team
The mahjong club is coached by Achiga alumna Harue Akado, and Arata Sagimori serves as its president.


Girls' team tournament

Members of the children's mahjong club used to include Sakurako Gibbard, Aya Shizaki, Hina Yamatani, Yoshiko Sasaoka, Shizuno, Ako, Kuro and many more children. Shizuno invited Nodoka Haramura to play with them in the mahjong club.


61st Inter High

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Nara Prefecture qualification

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71st Inter High

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