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This will be the Saki Achiga-hen episode of side-A episodes main page. Probably mainly made up of a table that includes the episode number, episode name and link to the episode article, air date, a brief summary. The same can be accomplished with a list. A navagation template will likely be at bottom of the page. The episodes articles will still include an infobox and a navagation template.

Episode 1, Chance meeting, summary

Episode 2, Beginning, summary

Episode 3, Contact, summary

Episode 4, Nationals , summary

Episode 5, Veteran , summary

Episode 6, Recovery , summary

Episode 7, Conviction , summary

Episode 8, Training , summary

Episode 9, Best , summary

Episode 10, Dealer's Streak, summary

Episode 11, Determination, summary

Episode 12, Promise , summary

Episode 13, Free-for-all, summary

Episode 14, Aspiration, summary

Episode 15, Intensify, summary

Episode 16, The Path, summary

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