Season 1, episode 8
Saki achgia


Episode information
Kanji: 修行
Rōmaji: Shugyō
Air date: June 4, 2012
Written by: Tatsuhiko Urahata
Directed by: Manabu Ono
Opening theme: Miracle Rush
Ending theme: Futuristic Player
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The Opening "Miracle Rush" sung by StylipS.

The Ending "Futurustic Player" sung by Miyuki Hashimoto.


Satomi brings the Achiga girls to her grandmother's house where they meet Tsuruga's Yumi Kajiki. Wanting to improve their skills and become stronger, the Achiga girls ask to train with them. Since they are not participating in the individual tournament, they are also allowed to battle against Kazekoshi Girls School's Mihoko Fukuji, and they soon come up against some national level play. The next day, the girls meet up Kei Arakawa and several other talented players to continue their training, whilst Kiyosumi play out their second round match.

Later that evening, Shizuno spots Kumakura and confronts her about her discussions with Harue. To her relief, she learns that Harue turned down the offer of going pro, saying that she wants to stay with Achiga til the end. As Shizuno breaks the news to the others, they become determined to win the semifinals, where they face Shiraitodai, Senriyama and Shindouji Girls' High. The first round soon kicks off, with Kuro preparing to face off against Toki, Shindouji's Kirame Hanada and Shiraitodai's strongest player, Teru Miyanaga.


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