Season 1, episode 13
Saki achgia


Episode information
Kanji: 混戦
Rōmaji: Konsen
Air date: December 24, 2012
Written by: Tatsuhiko Urahata
Directed by: Manabu Ono
Opening theme: -
Ending theme: Tsu Ba Sa by StylipS
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As the lieutenant battle start off , Teru who just got back from the press join the others which then noted by Awai that she doesn’t use “that” this time and wondering why, Teru than reply her opponent this time is tough, which she’s having a hard time , she will try to use “that” in the final. Before watching the sergent match, Teru wonders if the senriyama Toki is doing fine or not, stating her worries. As in Achiga waiting room, they try to revive Dora back by having Kuro fighting a few times and stating that this ally trick wont work again on final, much to Kuro surprise , they explain how Kuro won over Teru by the helps of other player which then left Kuro in tears. The sergent match goes on as Shindouji began won over with a small point which left other wondering and Izumi miscalculated that Shiratodai will target Shindouji instead of her which cause her to be directly hit by Shiratodai sharpshooter hirose Sumire.

Izumi then felt unmotivated due to the 3 of them is third year students and she is the only first years student. She then motivated herself by being the first years strongest excluding the monster player, as she one tile away from tenpai she was again being shot down by Shiratodai. During the flashback, Yuu is being taught by harue how to counter hirose sharpshooting by watching her finger move less than one millimeter. Yuu not only dodge hirose arrow once, but twice which stop her from targeting Achiga or a while.
Saki-Achiga-hen-13 01

Yuu dodging Hirose arrow.

With the sergent battle over, Yuu manage to get Achiga to second place. Izumi walk out of the hall room which then greet by Sera saying that its not her fault she lose this time, then Sera goes to lieutenant battle with winning streak as much as it looks like one sided game. But Ako doesn’t give up and keep trying to knock her out of course but fail, as the first round match ends, senriyama manage to get back to second place. As soon the second round start Sera keep wining which make Ako abit uncomfortable which sometimes she doesn’t know whether to call upon a tile or not, but finally Shiratodai Shibuya use her harvest ability to get a hand of yakuman.


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