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Dealer's Streak
Season 1, episode 10
Saki achgia


Episode information
Kanji: 連荘
Rōmaji: Renchan
Air date: June 18, 2012
Written by: Tatsuhiko Urahata
Directed by: Manabu Ono
Opening theme: Miracle Rush
Ending theme: Futuristic Player
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The Opening "Miracle Rush" sung by StylipS.

The Ending "Futurustic Player" sung by Miyuki Hashimoto.


The episode started with Kuro Matsumi as a dealer of south round, thou soon after the champion win and end her dealer turn, Kuro realize that the champion did not take direct win by kuro discard which the value will lower than her winning streak point. Thus Kuro team realize that the champion maybe the same as Kuro which Kuro cannot discard the Dora. With this the round goes to south 4 which is Toki Onjouji as the dealer, but they were surprised by champion Double Riichi which than win by direct hit to Kirame Hanada with a Mangan. As the first round come to an end, Teru walks out of the tournament hall leaving the others in despair as the match is totally one-sided. Afterwards Toki pass out as soon she leaves the hall , applying that she is exhausted. As for Kuro, the team give her moral support as she not very happy with the condition she having now.

The second half start as they change their seat round, because the last dealer is Teru, the commentator stated that the second round seat is abit dangerous because she can do it twice and also this was the reason she was selected into the Shiratodai team. The champion quickly start her winning streak and end Hanade dealer turn, then the Kentani team is shown watching them through TV and stated that the champion is out of their leagues. The champion keep winning until her second bonus round, Toki noted that when the champion call upon Kan, her relatives which is Miyanaga Saki defeat Amae Koromo with Rin-Shan. The reason calling Kan is too increase the Dora indicator and in Kuro hands and make her easier target. Toki remember her promise to Ryuuka which Ryuuka didnt want her to use two turn ahead, as a prove she collapse in the training room because of over exhausted as two turn consume twice the energy. She determine to do whatever it takes to stop champion streak which we seen her using two turn ahead.


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