The Match for 5th is played by the teams in the 71st Inter High School Mahjong Championships that made it to the semifinals but did not advance to the finals. It is played the morning of the Finals and is considered by many to be a teaser round prior to watching the finals. Each player plays 1 hanchan, for a total of 5 hanchan, opposed to the 10 in the regular matches.

Match for 5th

Draw Team Points
4 Shindouji --
26 Senriyama --
38 Himematsu --
49 Usuzan --
Vanguard Battle
Player Team Points Diff
Toki Onjouji Senriyama 120,800 +20,800
Kirame Hanada Shindouji 100,800 +800
Suzu Ueshige Himematsu 94,600 −5,400
Naruka Motouchi Usuzan 83,800 −16,200
Sergeant Battle
Player Team Points Diff
Izumi Nijou Senriyama 118,400 −2,400
Yoshiko Yasukouchi Shindouji 103,000 +2,200
Yuuko Mase Himematsu 97,700 +3,100
Chikako Himori Usuzan 80,900 −2,900
Lieutenant Battle
Player Team Points Diff
Sera Eguchi Senriyama 131,300 +12,900
Hiroe Atago Himematsu 111,300 +13,600
Hitomi Ezaki Shindouji 95,500 -7,500
Yuan Iwadate Usuzan 61,900 -19,000
Vice Captain Battle
Player Team Points Diff
Kinue Atago Himematsu 123,200 +11,900
Hiroko Funakubo Senriyama 111,200 -20,100
Mairu Shirouzu Shindouji 106,700 +11,200
Yukiko Maya Usuzan 58,900 -3,000

Points after South 3

Captain Battle
Player Team Points Diff
Ryuuka Shimizudani Senriyama
Himeko Tsuruta Shindouji
Kyouko Suehara Himematsu
Sawaya Shishihara Usuzan

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