Group 3 of the 71st Inter High School Mahjong Championships includes the third seeded Eisui Girls' High School and 12 schools that drew the 28–39 spots in the tournament, including Kiyosumi High School.

Tournament first round -- day 3

The winners of each of the first round matches meet Eisui, which has a bye in the first round.

Match 3A

Draw Team Points
29 Miyamori Girls' High School Unknown
28 Makabi High School Unknown
30 Ihonoshou High School Unknown
31 Tateyama Business School Unknown

Match 3B

Draw Team Points
33 Kiyosumi High School Unknown
32 Nogomi High School Unknown
34 Chiyomi High School Unknown
35 Kogasaki Business School Unknown

Kiyosumi's third player, Hisa Takei, ended the match by reducing the points of an adversary below 0. Nodoka Haramura and Saki Miyanaga didn't play.

Match 3C

Draw Team Points
38 Himematsu High School Unknown
36 Karouto High School Unknown
37 Hida Business School Unknown
39 Kuratsuki High School Unknown

Tournament second round -- day 6

Group 2 round 2 vanguard

Vanguards Shiromi Kosegawa, Suzu Ueshige, and Komaki Jindai in the Group 3 second round match

Two winners of the second round match of Group 3 meet the two winners of Group 4 in the second of two semi-final matches.

Draw Team Points
33 Kiyosumi High School 109,700
38 Himematsu High School 101,700
27 Eisui Girls' High School 101,200
29 Miyamori Girls' High School 87,400
Vanguard Battle
Player Team Points Diff
Shiromi Kosegawa Miyamori 115,000 +15,000
Komaki Jindai Eisui 100,700 +700
Yuuki Kataoka Kiyosumi 99,900 −100
Suzu Ueshige Himematsu 84,400 −15,600
Sergeant Battle
Player Team Points Diff
Mako Someya Kiyosumi 112,800 +12,900
Aislinn Wishart Miyamori 103,500 −11,500
Tomoe Karijuku Eisui 93,100 −7,600
Yuuko Mase Himematsu 90,600 +6,200
Lieutenant Battle
Player Team Points Diff
Hiroe Atago Himematsu 127,500 +36,900
Hisa Takei Kiyosumi 97,700 −15,100
Kurumi Kakura Miyamori 90,000 −13,500
Haru Takimi Eisui 84,800 −8,300
Vice Captain Battle
Player Team Points Diff
Kinue Atago Himematsu 127,600 +100
Nodoka Haramura Kiyosumi 99,600 +1,900
Hatsumi Usuzumi Eisui 87,100 +2,300
Sae Usuzawa Miyamori 85,700 −4,300
Captain Battle
Player Team Points Diff
Saki Miyanaga Kiyosumi 109,700 +10,100
Kyouko Suehara Himematsu 101,700 −25,900
Kasumi Iwato Eisui 101,200 +14,100
Toyone Anetai Miyamori 87,400 +1,700

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