The 61st Inter High School Mahjong Championships (第61回全国高等学校麻雀選手権大会) is the 61st edition of the All Japan High School Mahjong Tournament championships.

Team tournament

Saki shinohayu ch00 10-11

The semifinal match between 4 future pro players

Harue Akado led Achiga Girls' Academy into the semi-finals of the Inter High. In the semifinals the vanguards Akado, Sukoya Kokaji of Tsuchiura Girls' High School, Hayari Mizuhara of Asakumi Girls' High School and Risa Noyori of Shindouji Girls' High School played against each other. Sukoya won the match while Akado lost a large amount of points, and Achiga was eliminated. Sukoya's team went on to win the tournament.

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