The Matsue Children's Mahjong Tournament features various participants from the Shimane Prefecture. It's not divided by gender unlike for example the All Japan High School Mahjong Tournament.


MCMT has been in operation for over twelve years. Hayari Mizuhara won the tenth annual event as well as the eleventh event.


  • Open Tanyao, Stokuze : Allowed
  • Double/Triple Ron : Not Allowed
  • No Ura dora, Red Dora, Kan dora, Kan ura-dora
  • Nagashi Mangan: Not Allowed
  • Ippatsu: Not Allowed


and others

Final Placement

Rank Player School Year Points Diff
1 Shino Shiratsuki Yumachi 6 33,300 +3,300
2 Hayari Mizuhara Kitahori 6 33,100 +3,100
3 Kanna Ishitobi Yumachi 6 27,100 -2,900
4 Kyouka Inamura Yumachi 6 26,500 -3,500

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