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Okay, so after editting a couple of pages, I've come across a regularly occuring thing.

If a character is predominately in a series (ie, Saki, Achiga, or Shinohayu), then their "plot" will consist of that, and then they will be mentioned if they're in other series after their main series. It actually kinda looks messy because of the now overlapping timestreams, there's repetitive information.

Personally, I think there should just be a regular "plot" overview with no descrimination of which series it appeared in. In this way, the plot comes in chronological order to the character, not us. Does this seem alright?

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I have a massive headache so feel free to correct and forgive me if I misinterpret. Like for example Hayari's instead of distinguishing between series like we have, we do it under one plot which is simple enough. But what about the Arc names that are the same for the series like introductory arcs? would we rename them or something like that?


Nope, you understood me just fine :)

I was thinking the arcs would stay the same; I just don't see the point in having the differing series as headers, because it's all under the same series, really, just differen't names.

I think I understand. could use an example to show the appearance improvement.

Let's take Akado Harue, who has now appeared in 2 out of the 3 series and also mentioned in the main series.

I figured for her page it'd look like:


Girls of Yumachi Arc

Introduction Arc

Preparation Arc

National Tournament Arc

(Also mention after the quarterfinal overview that Fujita mentioned her)

Final Eight Arc

Then mention that she got called to the Blitzstorm cafe

I think we should try it out at the very least.

How about this, I change Harue's page and we'll see if we like it or not? It's just moving information around, so it shouldn't be so bad.

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