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• 5/20/2014

Chapter 126?

I think there's an error in Chapter 126, for those of you who've read it already.

On page 6, Hisa draws the Aka-5-Pin, even though it was in her starting hand on page 3, and it doesn't look like she discarded it, either (so she could draw the second Aka-5-Pin). Her discards were Xia -> 9-Pin -> Pei -> 8-Wan and then Hatsu; it looks likes her draws were, in no particular order, 3-Pin, 3-Wan, 3-sou, and Aka-5-Sou, then the Aka-5-Pin. 

Except it doesn't make sense because she talks about how she has 2 dora in her starting hand!? It looks like Hatsu was supposed to be in her starting hand instead of the Aka-5-Pin, but I'm pretty certain she's talking about having 2 red dora tiles in her starting hand, so maybe the 5-sou in her starting hand was supposed to be red? I dunno ;-;

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• 5/20/2014

(deleted wrong response) I suppose that the error is only on page 6. The tiles are all consistent with the other pages, except that the aka-5-pin must go in her hand, and another tile from her hand must replace it, perhaps the red 5-sou. (The previous suggestion 3-pin was wrong since the tile is shown on page 3). -- Anon-kun (talk) 20:45, May 22, 2014 (UTC)

• 5/28/2014

Having reread chapter 126, it's obvious on Page 2, that there is no mistake in Hisa's starting hand or initial draw, since I doubt there is the same mistake on two pages (although possible).

I think the mistake is when Hisa draws the aka 5-pin again. My guess is that she drew the Hatsu at some point and discarded another tile; it wouldn't be against Hisa's playing style to keep a single Hatsu, knowing there's only 2 left in the wall.

So, I'm guessing she was supposed to draw the aka 5-sou instead of the aka-5-pin on page 6, it would essentially be the same thing, still a great draw, still another dora tile, still adds to her growing tan'yao, sanshoku. Yeah, but still perplexing ^.^

• 6/2/2014

I think the most plausible option is that the aka-sou was, as the aka-man, in her hand from the begining. And she drew the aka-pin.

I hope this error gets fixed on the tankoubon (book) version.

• 6/21/2016

Another Dora error in chapter 161, Naruka's uradora is the 5-pin, but she doesn't have any 6-pin. Yet she still counts 2 extra dora tiles. It's obvious this time that the uradora indicator should be the 5-sou; it's even sillier because it was the aka-5-pin which means extra work went into making this mistake. I'm glad that Ritz got the chapter out without any unfinished pages, but :< it's not that hard for editors or someone to glance at it and be like "that's the wrong uradora"

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