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• 11/11/2013

Kiyosumi poll question

Why is Mako so unpopular compared to the other Kiyosumi players? Is it because of the lack of screen time she's had or something different entirely?

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• 11/11/2013

I blame it on the Mihoko-Hisa-Mako-Kana love dodecahedron going on here. 

• 11/12/2013
That may be but i do think its the lack of exposure she gets compared to the others. I also suspect that it has to do with her matches not being all that interesting.
• 11/15/2013

Well, lets see here. Hisa is the mysterious president of the mahjong club. Nodoka is the big breasted one so no surprise there. Saki is the main character with freakin awesome mahjong skills. And Yuuki is the short cutesy one and I think her power stands out more than Mako's. And there you have it. Mako is just that girl that wears glasses and is part of the club. I guess its because she hasn't done much in the series yet.. \(--)/ 

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