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The Koromo

About relationships in Sakiverse

It is stated in the sectiion abouot romance:

Mihoko Fukuji and Kana Ikeda

"Their relationship stems from Kana's deep admiration of Mihoko. Early in her first year Kana asks Mihoko to walk home with her every day and to call her by her first name; to which Mihoko agrees."

This, in Japan, could be seen as the same as declaring her love. Kana even implied she was going to protect Mihoko.

In the DVD Extra, Mihoko is seen cooking for Kana and helping her with the triplet sisters. I  think you can see things like this in Saki Biyori manga.

Looks like Kana and Miharu are good friends.

Hisa Takei and Mihoko Fukuji

This relationship is shown at first as an one-sided love. It is true that Mihoko had feelings for Hisa, but they´re friends, not a couple. In fact looks like when they talked about the past, was as a way to move on.

Hisa has a stronger relationship with Mako. She really trust her and talk to her a lot. And likes to be with her more than anyone else.

Touka Ryuumonbuchi and Nodoka Haramura

They´re rivals, that kind of rivals that could be easily friends. Probably Tôka has something with big breast, but she loves Hajime.

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The Koromo

Most of this is fanon anyhow since there is techincally no canon pairs in the series. But discussing these are definately fun.


Yeah, indeed is fun.

I would like to hear the opinions of others about it.


Sorry, but some of the more extreme BuCap fans piss me off. The ones who hate Kana because of it. Liking a pairing is fine, but not to the point where you're going to abhor and write/draw hate fanart/fanfictions of the character who just happened to get in the way of your prince charming and her lover.


I feel the same, I don´t like extremes. Fanatisms makes people unable to understand other´s opinions.

But I feel it´s fun to talk about those things.

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