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Saki - Errors in manga and anime

I was reading the manga in japanese and I noticed fails in someplaces, like, when in the start of the manga Saki has more than 14 tiles (I don´t remember how it was, but I was shocked). Or when in manga book 6 (anime ep. 16) Koromo has three North Dora, because she made a North pon, and the dora indicator is the fouth north. When the dora indicator should be West Wind...

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Hmm i've only really noticed the 14 tile one because thats the one people made such a big deal out of.

Maybe that´s because it was the first error. The one from saki book 6 or anime 16th episode went unnoticed for some reason. And it´s big... But I did´nt seen other fails... At least for now.

Wonder if Ritz edited the 3 dora or will ever edit it. I know she corrected the 14 tiles when the volume came out.

These are always interesting to see! :D


Mabe she´ll edit someday. I have the japanese manga and I´ve seen that fail there, but maybe in a new edition of that comicbook will be fixed...


Nope. Her three Dora came from the 3 sanpin in her hand, which correspond to the ryanpin KanDora that Kana called, if we're thinking about the same hand, that is. Because I don't remember any other time where Pei was the Dora Indicator and Amae had 3. Not an error :P


Yeah, you´re right, I should have noticed... I wonder why I did´nt see it last time I read it. And the book where this appears is the number 5.

por cierto porque capitulo va el manga?
0 wrote:
por cierto porque capitulo va el manga?

El último del tomo 11, que es el último tomo editado hasta la fecha (salió en abril), es el capítulo 106. Como aquí todo el mundo habla en inglés, si te es posible, habla en inglés, por favor.


I don´t see errors here. It´s episode 3, the full scene starts at minute 10. If Yuuki (Taco Girl) does a Riichi using a 1,000 point stick and discarding that tile sideways (done in the first image), other players can claim that tile to win as usual. As Nodoka (Oppai Girl) did, so she won that hand. Her complete hand is in second image, plus the 9 crack tile that Yuuki discarded, a total of 14 tiles. Nodoka could win with: 9 of cracks (9 man in japanese), and also 2, 5 and 8 of dots (pin, in japanese).

Nodoka was the Oya/East/Dealer, and claimed a Oya/East/Dealer Haneman (6-7 Han) for 18,000 points in total with: Ton (East tiles, being East, her seat wind (1 Han) and round wind tiles (another 1 Han), she obtains 2 Han from here.

1 Akadora/Red-Dora (1 Han).

She also need, at least 3 more Han, to get those points.

Those came from Nodoka prevoius Riichi/Reach (1 Han), Ippatsu/One-shot, (an extra 1 Han) for claiming a win in first go-around after Riichi got declared (and nobody declared any kind of meld, even concealed quartets).

And the last one goes from the normal Dora wich is 4 dots, so she gets an extra 1 Han there too. It was hard to see the 3 dots Dora indicator. So small... 

A total of 6 Han.

Nodoka did not obtain extra Han for the Uradora. Something a winner can look up to if he/she did a Riichi.

As she claimed the tile Yuuki just used to declare Riichi to win, Yuuki´s Riichi gets nullified wich means Nodoka doesn´t get the 1,000 points Yuuki used for the Riichi and those points came back to her. If Nodoka claimed a win on the next turn or onwards, she would have obtained those 1,000 extra points...

When you claim a tile for a Ron win, not necessarily you have to take the ronned tile. In Saki and other manga they tend to do that (not this time, though), but in real games is not that common, on the contrary, is uncommon. Some of the things done in various mahjong manga or anime are even considered as bad manners in real life games in Japan and Europe. They do that on manga/anime just because is flashy and cool. Also, sometimes it helps to understand and follow what happened. You can see, sometimes, things like that in games too.

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